Hi Everyone,

It’s Karl and Cooper here; in just a few days, it will be the beginning of baseball season, and both cooper and I are ready!

We have our jerseys and gear to support the Mets.

Opening day has always been a special time of the year, it was kind of the official start of spring, and growing up in New York, there was the prospect of warmer weather just around the corner.

When I was a kid, it was all about baseball cards and spending the spring and summer trading with my friends.

As I got older, it was about fantasy baseball and scores, stats, and trading players.

Now, Coop is a dog and, of course, has no control when it comes to what type of leash we use for our walk or outfit he wears, but he is always up for both.

So this weekend, Coop and I will take a break, and even though we have lots to do on our interview class, “Ace That Interview,” which is going to launch in a few days. We are going to watch the last weekend of spring training baseball for a bit and take a walk showing our New York Mets pride here in Los Angeles!

Now being a lifelong Mets Fan, it has been an exercise in “keeping the faith” that this year is going to be the year! And like I have done every year with more years of disappointments than championships, I still show up every day, year after year.

To everyone out there, I want you to take some time to remember the good stuff, that no matter how tough things are and remember something good may just be around the corner.

Keep the faith!