I’d call myself a “reluctant teacher.”

Growing up in an immigrant household ultimately drives my passion for Human Resources. Growing up, I recall my parents demanding I go to college. And it was that encouragement which drove me to become not only the first of my family to complete my four-year degree, but also to go on to receiving my Master’s degree.

I’ve always loved making connections and seeing people succeed. So HR was a natural fit when it came time to get a job and join a large corporation. But something was always missing for me. It took many years for me to realize that who I was as a person conflicted with who I had to be in HR. Because as an employee, my loyalty was to the company. When in reality, I found myself much more often siding with the employee.

Once this realization hit, I began to feel burnt out. So, I began down a new path. One in which I served as a coach to employees who were interviewing for jobs, seeking employment, or saw themselves as reluctant leaders—as I did. Those who are essentially forced into positions of leadership without intending to ever serve in that way.

As I coach, I want to stand in your corner and support you—no matter where you are in your career. To show you your options and to help your transform into the leader you were meant to be simply by tapping into the tools you already have at your disposal.

You can feel fulfilled in your career. You can get the recognition you deserve as an employee or a leader. And you can learn to sell yourself effectively—especially in interviews—even if you’ve stumbled through those things in the past. That is what my coaching is all about.