I’m committed to helping women make more money using LinkedIn to grow their business.

As a Latina woman, I grew up on the sidelines. With few role female role models—and certainly no Latinas in positions of power—I struggled to find my place in business when I was old enough to do so. My parents were immigrants that couldn’t speak English. And even though I was a straight-A student, I had no idea how to navigate scholarships—and no one to step in and teach me. So I paid for my entire college education out of pocket.

I went to school for Human Resources. Because it was the only way I knew how to learn about navigating the workplace. And it was a struggle to get there, working full-time and paying my way per class. But I did it—I received my degree and immediately took a job in Human Resources in a corporate environment where I worked for the next fifteen years helping dozens of professionals navigate interviews, job offers, salary requests, and so much more.

What I realized during my fifteen years as a corporate professional was that my own hard work and dedication, though admirable, never got me the recognition I deserved. But as an HR professional, I saw first-hand the power of selling yourself effectively. And that is what really drew the attention of people in positions of power.

This is a gift I wanted to pass on to others.

However, this isn’t an ability that comes naturally for women. Which is unfortunate because studies have shown that when women make more money, they invest those dollars back into their community. And this helps to create systematic change. Not only does education become more available, but so do things like healthcare.

So as your Business and Leadership Coach, I’ll help you navigate all of the confusion that surrounds your career. From helping you clarify your message and offerings to ensuring your experience is at its most visible to showing you what your time is really worth—I stand ready to help you. Because I believe that inside of you is untapped potential. And it’s my goal to empower you to recognize that potential and share it with the world.