"When I started working with Jean everything finally started coming together.

Originally, I was overwhelmed with work and the multitude of ideas floating around my head. I started gaining clarity from the very first appointment.

Jean has an impeccable ability to pull out what you are subconsciously saying that you likely don’t realize (if that makes any sense at all). But trust me, it is GOLD.
She’s been an incredible sounding board who has helped guide me through many business obstacles to include figuring out my ideal client, appropriate language to use, navigating hiring, streamlining social media content, organizing processes, and so much more. I truly feel like she cares about my success personally and professionally which is enormously important to me.

The confidence I have gained by working with her is beyond words. She has been an asset to the creation of my business strategy and how I plan to continue to scale in the future.

Jean is an asset to my business, and I feel very blessed to have her as part of my trusted team."

Kristin Denne Tallent Integrative Wellness Practitioner, Pharmacist, and Virtual Course Creator

"I knew that LinkedIn could be a great source of customers, but I wasn't really sure how to do that...

I felt like there was some secret that I didn't know how to implement! I really enjoyed doing a LinkedIn profile review with Jean. I was a little nervous going into the session since I knew there were improvements to be made, but Jean made it really low-stress and comfortable. We spent time chatting about my business and my goals before we dove into the profile review, so she got to know me before giving suggestions. She also gave me some bonus tips on messaging for my ICA, which was awesome!

I implemented the changes she suggested and felt confident to start sending out more connection requests with my new profile. Now my LinkedIn profile is optimized, and I am on my way to 500 connections! I felt confident enough to reach out and add a bunch of Shmillie connections!

Jean gave me some messaging ideas for my program in addition to talking about my LinkedIn profile."


“What I found unique about Jean’s coaching approach is her ability to see something bigger for me than I had seen for myself. She helped me solidify my ideal market and showed me how to use my profile to attract them. Now I have more clarity and strategy

My time with Jean helped me take inspired action. What I thought was amazing is that she walked me through some changes straight away the yielded clarity and increased visibility.” “Jean is a pleasure to work with. She was focused on helping me get results and is completely authentic in her approach. Highly recommend working with her!

Working with Jean has been a game-changer. I was hesitant to branch out to LinkedIn; I had no strategy or idea of how to use it to help grow my business. Jean Nov 20, 2020 took me by the hand, and together we made changes to my profile and perception of LinkedIn that got me immediate results. In a matter of days, I increased my connections by 15%.

Jean is a wonderfully gifted coach. I can't say enough about how she took the time to really "see" who I am and what I am trying to do. As a Sales Coach and Leader is amazing to experience the level of care and attention to detail that I received working with Jean. If you have the opportunity to work with Jean, don't hesitate, jump in!”


"My website traffic told me that many of my leads were coming from LinkedIn, but I had no idea how to use

LinkedIn or leverage my connections there. I was doing all of the things, but with no strategy or consistency; it was random with no idea of what was working. Overall it felt exhausting and like a drain of energy. As a therapist who creates training for other therapists, I wasn't even sure my clients were on LinkedIn. I worked with Jean in a one-day VIP LinkedIn Intensive.

I was apprehensive about the cost, whether it would be worth it, and whether I would see tangible results. However, I was really drawn to the idea of sitting down and getting things done! I didn't want to drag the process out over weeks because I knew I would lose interest, procrastinate, and come up with excuses.

I recommend Jean and Karl. They are definitely LinkedIn experts and will give you a concrete plan, not just fluff!

Also, I was intrigued by getting lunch delivered! It was such a nice touch and made them stand out. I now have a direction and a plan. I feel like Jean gave me a (very detailed) map, and now I have a goal, and I know how to work towards it. I loved getting the very thorough written plan that they prepared for me after the intensive. Not only did I get the details I wanted on connections and posts, but I got a detailed strategy for my particular business with very concrete instructions on how to use LinkedIn to grow my business.

I refer to it often.

What helped you the most is realizing that people actually care about my brand and want to see the human behind the business. Another significant change has been that I now have clarity about my brand and how to present myself as well as what others are looking for from me and my business.

Jean knows LinkedIn inside and out and helped explain it and its power. She helped me clarify my personal strengths and helped me understand why this was important to emphasize. She made me realize that I was a leader in my industry and encouraged me to use that leadership and be more vocal about my topic."


"I gained so much clarity in one session working with Jean!

She helped me go from a total LinkedIn novice to feeling clear and confident about how to optimize my profile, grow my audience, and increase engagement with my ideal clients.

Jean gets straight to the point, is extremely knowledgeable, and easy to connect with. Even though I haven't implemented all of the strategies I learned, I already have more engagement. I feel like I am further ahead in leveraging the power of LinkedIn to grow my business."


"Hello, happy Friday!

This is an unsolicited video testimonial (click here) I recorded to say thank you for your support.

I appreciate you.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Amandine xo"


“Before I hired Jean and Karl, I’d been looking for a job for about six months with little response. I had lost faith in my work abilities which transitioned over to my everyday life. I was in a rut and felt like I would never get out of it. It felt like I was in quicksand, and I was never going to escape.

I was nervous that hiring a coach would be a waste of money, but it wasn’t. From the first conversation with Jean, it felt very personal, and for me, that meant the world. Other coaches that reached out didn’t have the personal touch that Jean did; she made me feel like a person and not just the next person on the call list.

From the first conversations we had, I realized this work was going to help solve my problems because Jean immediately made me realize my professional and personal worth; she reminded me that I still have value in the workplace.

Even before completing the Executive Career Coaching Bespoke Eight-Step Program, I was able to figure out what I really wanted, and I feel much happier that I was able to make a non-emotional work decision. I found a job I love and moved to another city, and with their help was able to negotiate and increase my offer to recoup my entire coaching investment. Now it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel relieved and happy for the first time in a long time.

One of my favorite things about working with Jean and Karl was the personal phone calls which were designed to fit what I needed. There was not a cookie-cutter script, and I liked that it was catered to my needs.

I would recommend their services because they changed my work life for the better.

Thank you so much for everything, Jean and Karl. I would not be where I am without you, and I truly appreciate it.”


This testimonial is from a client who was successful in first-round interviews but wasn't getting the job even though she was qualified+. We've been coaching her through the Executive Career Coaching - Bespoke Eight-Step Program, and after the mock interview coaching with Jean and Karl, we received this text the following day:

The "secret sauce" closing questions worked! She offered me the job on the spot!
The hiring manager said..."I'm checking to make sure people have the confidence to do the job, and you asking me those questions shows me that."

C. Psychologist

"Jean has helped me tremendously in my confidence in how I present myself to prospective employers.

Before working with Jean, I had difficulty in succinctly presenting the value I bring to employers. She helped me clarify my unique skills, abilities, interests, and overall unique value proposition. Having that clarity allowed me to present myself in a new way to prospective employers, with newfound ease to explain how I can uniquely add value.
In addition to this, she has helped me realize the value I bring to an organization and coached me in negotiating the best compensation for myself. In previous roles, I knew I undervalued myself in accepting offers and shied away from further negotiations; Jean not only helped me by coaching me through the negotiation process but also, as a consequence, gave me a new sense of confidence in the process.

I would recommend Jean to anyone that feels they have possibly left the negotiating table without realizing the full potential of what they could negotiate."


"Over the decade that we have known one another, Jean has been a colleague, a friend, a mentor and a coach. In all those roles she has never been less than principled and thoughtful in all of her actions.

She is the first voice I seek out for guidance and counsel when I need to think through a professional challenge or opportunity; As a true thought partner, she doesn’t only facilitate the analysis of an issue, but illuminates aspects and areas that previously were hidden from conscious sight.

Jean brings all the elements of her skills, knowledge and experience to the table in her Career Development and Life Coaching; She is proactive and provocative in her approach and never fails to give me the means to see the layers beneath an issue and what drives or stymies my own approach to addressing it.

Working with Jean as a Coach was an investment that, in terms of insight and career growth, continues to be invaluable to me."

Nicholas Hussey HR Director

“Working with Jean has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a really long time. Before I reached out to Jean, I was beyond frustrated with my work environment, questioning myself constantly and unable to move in the direction I felt called to pursue. After a few meetings and with Jean’s ability to sift through the chaos that I had spinning around in my mind, I was already making huge strides towards the ultimate goal of really understanding myself, my fears, and the items that were keeping me from making my next career move!”

Connie Fuentes Solutions Architect