Tips to Prepare for an Informational Interview

Tips to Prepare for an Informational Interview

As you prepare for an informational interview, it’s important to remember that an informational interview is still an interview.  Although they can feel more casual in tone, the discussion provides an opportunity to learn about a company you may want to work in AND to...

How to Start Building A Personal Brand Online

How to Start Building A Personal Brand Online

Whether you know it or not, you have an online personal brand.  As someone who works for yourself or a company, it is crucial you are aware of your personal brand and that you invest time in developing your brand.  Why? Because before doing business with you,...

11 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

11 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

If you need to earn money to support yourself and your family, then you are a job seeker; you are either an active or potential job seeker.  And as such, you have to understand that whether you like it or not Social Media is now part of the equation when looking for a...

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