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Get Clarity

Sell Yourself With Ease

Earn What You Deserve


Does this sound like you?

You have high standards and are a high achiever at work.

You are ready to uplevel your career.

Past opportunities have come your way with ease.

You can’t remember the last time you had to apply for a job or update your resume.

You’re taking action but not getting the response you expected.

You’re feeling stressed, stuck, and maybe overwhelmed.

You lack the clarity you want on how to navigate your career transition.

And deep down, even though you work hard and people see you as successful you wonder if you could be DOING MORE TO SELL YOURSELF because you see people who work and achieve less than you get the prime opportunities.

If you are honest with yourself, YOU KNOW YOU’VE BEEN HIDING, telling yourself that going after what you want can wait, that the “right time” is coming.

Deep down you have big dreams for your career and they feel scary because they require you to uplevel, to bet on yourself, and to put yourself out there.    And selling yourself feels H.A.R.D., whether you identify as an introvert or an experienced salesperson.

The truth is, you have no clue how to sell yourself. No clue whether your resume is great or not, or how to prepare to stand out in a market that expects “personal branding” and technical excellence from you so you can compete with 300 other applicants for one job, all while you work a full-time job, provide for your family, and try to keep your sanity.

More importantly, you fear the job market doesn’t see your value.

No matter how much you have accomplished, this feels overwhelming.

You don’t know where to start…

Until today!






We’re Jean & Karl Muhlbauer


We help high performers like you get clear on how you can use your experience, skills, and passions to stand out in the job market while selling yourself in a way that feels natural and authentic to you.

The truth is this: in today’s job market, every one of us is self-employed. Job security is a thing of the past.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, you must develop your career actively. You also need to understand what makes you uniquely valuable in the job market and to communicate that effectively.

That’s where we come in: we help you get clarity about your professional superpowers, and we teach you how to present them persuasively so you can stop stressing and, instead, create the security that comes from knowing your strengths and from selling yourself effectively.

We each have a masters degree in HR, a certified coach (Jean) and a certified trainer (Karl), and both have extensive experience in hiring and developing leaders in corporate settings.

This means that what our work is based on solid training AND real-world experience from our work hiring and coaching leaders and also training decision-makers on how to hire and manage teams.

We use this knowledge to guide you through your career transition by giving you a step-by-step roadmap so you feel informed and empowered.

Elite athletes hire coaches because they know that their time and energy are precious and even the best can benefit from expert coaching. If you are a top performer and your time is valuable, investing in a coach to help you makes sense.

Inaction is expensive, so take the next step today by scheduling a free call with us to figure if you can benefit from our services.

“I gained so much clarity in one session working with Jean! She helped me go from a total LinkedIn novice to feeling clear and confident about how to optimize my profile, grow my audience, and increase engagement with my ideal clients. Jean gets straight to the point, is extremely knowledgeable, and easy to connect with.  Even though I haven’t implemented all of the strategies I learned, I already have more engagement. I feel like I am further ahead in leveraging the power of LinkedIn to grow my business”.

Rachel Redmond – Self Care Expert, Women’s Holistic Health Practitioner.

The Yin Way – www.rachel-redmond.com

It’s Time For Things To Change!

Here are the different ways we work with our Clients:

“Before I hired Jean and Karl I’d been looking for a job for about 6 months with little response. I had lost faith in my work abilities which transitioned over to my everyday life. I was in a rut and felt like I would never get out of it. It felt like I was in quicksand and I was never going to escape.

I was nervous that hiring a coach would be a waste of money, but it wasn’t.  From the first conversation with Jean, it felt very personal and for me, that meant the world. Other coaches that reached out didn’t have the personal touch that Jean did; she made me feel like a person and not just the next person on the call list.

From the first conversations we had, I realized this work was going to help solve my problems because Jean immediately made me realize my professional and personal worth; she reminded me that I still have value in the workplace.

Even before completing the Executive Career Coaching Bespoke Eight-Step Program I was able to figure out what I really wanted and I feel much happier that I was able to make a non-emotional work decision. I found a job I love and moved to another city, and with their help was able to negotiate and increase my offer to recoup my entire coaching investment.  Now it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel relieved and happy for the first time in a long time.

One of my favorite things about working with Jean and Karl was the personal phone calls which were designed to fit what I needed. There was not a cookie-cutter script and I liked that it was catered to my needs.

I would recommend their services because it changed my work life for the better.

Thank you so much for everything, Jean and Karl. I would not be where I am without you and I truly appreciate it.”

Patrick Cusick 

Operations Manager, Aramark | Chicago, IL | December 2019


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“Working with Jean has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a really long time. Before I reached out to Jean, I was beyond frustrated with my work environment, questioning myself constantly and unable to move in the direction I felt called to pursue. After a few meetings and with Jean’s ability to sift through the chaos that I had spinning around in my mind, I was already making huge strides towards the ultimate goal of really understanding myself, my fears, and the items that were keeping me from making my next career move!”

Connie F.  

Solutions Architect | Houston, TX

“I felt I needed support from an objective observer who had the tools to see through any of my issue avoidance tactics and who could help me help myself. What I experienced was that if you are willing to be open to the tools and methodology then you can learn about yourself, your motivators and your barriers. People should understand that [in] coaching you are being challenged and driven to help yourself find the solutions to your own issues. This gives a great sense of satisfaction when you are able to move ahead and get past blockages that previously seemed insurmountable.” 

Nicholas H.  

HR Director | Houston, TX

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